Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fall Season is Just Around The Corner!!

The Madison Minotaurs are pleased to announce we will be continuing our partnership with the WRC Sharks in Fall 2012.  We will be playing a combined Division III season, including an exciting lineup of home and away games from September through October.

Stay up to date with what we're getting up to at  During combined practices and games with the WRC we refer to ourselves as The Madison Sharkataurs.  Turoy!!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Tim and Laura hanging out with Ben Cohen and Alice Hoagland... You know, like you do on a Thursday.

Great picture of Minotaurs club president Tim Lom and our #1 Minofriend Superstar Laura Sandler hanging out with Ben Cohen and Alice Hoagland.

Before retiring from professional rugby last year, Ben most recently played for the Sale Sharks.  He currently focuses on his Stand Up Foundation against bullying in sport, and is a hero in the gay rugby community.  Alice is the mother of Bingham Cup namesake, Mark Bingham, who was instrumental in bringing what is now IGRAB rugby into being.  In addition to being a 'founding father' of gay rugby at the league level, Mark Bingham is also famous for storming the cockpit of United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11, 2001 and heroically foiling what could have been an even more horrific tragedy had the terrorist hijackers succeeded in arriving at their planned destination of Washington DC.

Photos from 06/01/2012 | Madison Minotaurs vs. Melbourne Chargers, Seattle Quake

The Minotaurs in Action!

Players pictured: Jack Garrison, Greg Faber, Adam Thimmig, Josh (Rhino) Collier, Michael Nettum, Stephen Stafford, Matt Engelke, Dave Degolyer, Tyrone (TC) Creech, Nic Schroeder, Tim Lom, Sam Berndt, Dan Sedlacek, David Cantu, Adam DuVall - top photo also featuring Alice Hoagland and Steve Noll

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Minotaurs Before the Big Day

Bingham 2012 Draw & Fixtures

And We're Off!!

It's a big day for the Minotaurs in Manchester!

This afternoon we will be getting in our last practice session before the tournament begins tomorrow morning.  After practice we will take part in the 2012 Bingham Cup Opening Ceremonies at the Great Hall, located in the Manchester Town Hall at Albert Square beginning at 7pm local time.  Immediately after the Opening Ceremonies we will be getting together for a final team meeting and dinner at Tim & Steve's room at the hotel.

Sleep well boys - tomorrow's the big day!